Wills, Living Wills and Testaments – Take Control of Your Estate with a top Tacoma Probate Attorney

Death to a loved one causes much sadness and emotions. That is why it is very important that you create a plan for your estate or your business so that burden is not left for grieving family and friends. It’s very unfortunate when we come across a client whose relative wasn’t prepared and left no will, it turns a hard situation into a difficult one.

We are able to help you take control of your estate and how it’s distributed to your family and business associates. You have worked too hard during your life to just let the State of Washington get a higher share of your assets than your loved ones.

Our last will and testament process is simple and our lawyers will guide you through each form and help you select the executor of your will and estate. Creating a legal will is a process our lawyers due regularly, so let us help you take the stress out of a very sad and emotional time by being prepared.

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Trusts – A Way to Manage Asset Protection

Another part of our legal practice is to set up trust arrangements. Think of a trust as a holding pen, a place where you put your assets before they are released to the people or organizations that you designate to eventually receive them. Trusts can be set up while you are alive or they can be established upon your death by your will. Whatever arrangement you choose, be assured it will be the most equitable way to manage asset protection for the beneficiary you select.

What Does a Probate Attorney Do?

The legal process of a probate attorney is to help the estate resolve all claims for the estate and the help to distribute the estates property through the probate process. We help to make a very complicated and emotional process become a graceful and respectful process for all parties that have claims against the estate.

We will help to decide the legal executor of the estate and begin and finish the distribution process. Whether our client’s interest is as an heir or an individual with a claim against an estate we are the right probate law attorney with many years of probate service.

Personalized Service for All of Your Estate Planning Needs

Roller Vernon & Powers, Inc. PS has been serving Pierce County since 1956. We continually are striving to surpass the service other law firms provide. We answer our phones and return calls the same day. Our job is to assure that your family and loved ones are left with a strong financial footing. We accomplish individual and business asset and estate planning by carefully listening and following the direction our clients wish to take. We just make sure the process is done in the correct legal manner.

We have a great passion for helping senior citizen clients and are always looking for ways to help them avoid the challenges of managing their estates in regards to American tax codes. Our clients consist of young growing families and also more mature families with adult children in college. Our estate planning service spans a wide spectrum of age demographics. We are able to assist the local community with legal wills, probate, estate and trust planning.

We have consistently been chosen and referred by the local community because we offer a broad range of legal services that provide clients with well-reasoned, practical and cost-effective solutions. Our legal services help our clients with the important planning of their children’s future. Your children and grandchildren have a whole lifetime ahead of them. Plan for their success.

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At Roller, Vernon & Powers, Inc. PS, our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible with this important financial decision. This decision not only affects you today, but also may affect your family in the future. We want you to walk away knowing that you have made a positive and financially sound decision that will benefit your family. So please, give us a call today to begin this important process.

Fee Schedule for Estate Planning Documents Will Package

  • Last Will and Testament with Trust Included
  • Last Will and Testament without Trust
  • Living Will
  • Power of Attorney
  • Community Property Agreement

Purchase one of our Estate Planning Packages and Save

Single Person Will Package $500.00 

Includes Last Will and Testament, Living Will, Power of Attorney

Single Person Will Package with Trust Included $500.00 

Includes Last Will and Testament with Trust, Living Will, Power of Attorney

Married Couple Will Package with Trust Included $850.00 

Includes Two Last Wills and Testament with Trust, Two Living Wills, Two Powers of Attorney, Community Property Agreement

Married Couple Will Package $750.00 

Includes Two Last Wills and Testament, Two Living Wills, Two Powers of Attorney, Community Property Agreement